Heat Press vs. Screen Printing

You might be asking, “What is the difference between heat press and screen printing?” You’d be surprised that it is a pretty common question.

This article will give you the answers. I hope that knowing the differences between the two will allow you to make a better decision for your next tshirt printing project.

What is a Heat Press?

A heat press is a machine that uses heat and pressure in pressing the design onto the surface of a t-shirt. It is a machine which has a pair of platens that gets too hot.

This machine uses high temperature and heavy pressure to transfer the design. Moreover, a heat press machine has a control to pressure, temperature and time.

Types of Heat Press

Clamshell Press

The clamshell press has a hinge between the upper and lower platens. The upper platen is heated, and then closes on the lower platen. This applies pressure to your garment.

It is easy to use and perfect for beginners. Moreover, it is ideal to use on thinner garments for best results.

Swinger Press

The swinger press swings the upper platen away from the lower platen. It is perfect for experienced users. It is also used for placing the garments easily.

It also requires a larger space than a clamshell press. However, it can produce a higher volume of printed garments.

Draw Press

The draw press has a lower platen which pulls out towards the user. In that way, the layout will be done without reaching underneath the upper platen.

It is a movable machine so an extra care is needed to avoid unsteady designs before the heat is applied.

Why Use The Heat Press Method

Heat press can use several colors. It also works perfectly on cotton, open mesh jerseys and other fabrics that you like to use.

Moreover, it allows customization of names and numbers. In addition, you can do better works than using a flat iron.

Heat press machines are easy to use. Even beginners can easily handle the process of heat press printing on their own.

Its control panel allows a faster operation to produce a high volume of work. This makes an easier process of t-shirt printing.

A heat press machine can print economically with assurance that it is high quality. The image resolution is smooth too.

Drawbacks of Using The Heat Press Method

One of the major cons of using a heat press is that it does not allow you to layer colors on the garment. If it is done that way, it will become heavy and bulky.

Every image that you will use needs to be cut accurately to avoid every unwanted particle on your t-shirt or garments. It will consume much time, though.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a common method used worldwide. The process involves the transfer of an image to a shirt using a stencil and a mesh screen.

The stencil forms an open area. This is where the ink will be transferred, and then it will be pressed onto the shirt.

Why Use The Screen Printing Method

Screen printing is perfect if you’re on a tight budget because it is inexpensive. It is the best way to begin with t-shirt printing.

It is perfect for printing onto cotton clothing. The t-shirts can withstand rough machine washing because they are dried by heat.

Drawbacks of Using The Screen Printing Method

Different designs require separate screens. Thus, if there are additional colors requested, it will be another expense. Therefore, it is not suitable for colorful designs.

If additional colors are needed, it will take more time before the work is done. Moreover, it is time consuming to clean and set up your working station.

Both methods can lead to a successful t-shirt printing. Just keep in mind that the proper steps should be carried out.

I hope it’s now clear to you the difference between heat press and screen printing. What do you plan to use for your next tshirt printing project?

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