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Pressed for time? Don’t worry, because if you have the best steam press, you’ll only need a few seconds to get your clothes ready to wear – half the time compared to traditional ironing!

Steam presses are designed to let you press linen and clothing at home. This is useful for larger pieces, such as tablecloths, curtains, and more. You should look for variable settings so that you can use it on different kinds of cloth (linen, cotton, polyester, etc.)

Steam Fast SF-680 Steam Press

This digital steam press will make ironing clothes a whole lot easier. This steam press is an ironing board and an iron in just one device.

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Digital temperature control: Temperature controls are digital, making it easier to press clothes of various types of fabric, reducing risk of fabric damage from too much heat.

Non-stick: Delicate fabrics like silk and chiffon can be properly ironed without the garment getting stuck to the plates and burned.

Dual vaporizing:This steam press utilizes the dual vaporizing method, which reduces the amount of moisture during the steaming process.

Molded heat element:This feature is an advantage because it promotes a more uniform heat allocation for even pressing, eliminating the need to turn the fabric over.

Limited voltage: This steam press model is only available for use with 120 volts. Users may require voltage regulator if the home has no 120-V outlet.

Can’t get to pleats and folds: The clothing must be laid flat on the steam press to remove creases. Folds, contours, pleats and crimps will be unattractively flattened.

This steam press is a great time saver when ironing a huge load of clothes. It also saves time and money in taking clothes to the dry cleaners.

  • Digital temperature control
  • Non-stick press
  • Dual vaporizing system
  • Molded heating element
  • Flattens everything, including pleats and contours
  • Limited voltage

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SteamFast SP-660 Steam Press

This steam press gives a professional ironed look to clothes without having to pay a lot for a professional to do it. It gives that attractive drycleaner’s crease without going to one.

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Adjustable temperature control: Controlling pressing temperatures is easier with the adjustable settings that come with recommendations for the different fabrics.

Safety alarm: The press will automatically shut off and give off an alarm if it is left idle for long.

Wider surface area: This steam press offers 7 times greater surface area for pressing clothes compared to when using conventional iron.

Portable: The dimensions are 24 inches by 22 inches by 9 inches. This press only weighs 19.8 pounds. This makes it small and light enough to transport.

Needs time to heat up: The steam press will take a few minutes to heat up to the desired temperature settings, which isn’t perfect when rushing to press clothes.

120 volts only: This model is only available for use with 120-volt outlet. Voltage regulators will be necessary if the place does not have this type of power outlet setting.

Ironing lots of clothes will be quicker and easier using this steam press. Even pleated pants and skirts will come out looking professionally pressed in a matter of minutes.

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Safety alarm
  • Wide surface are for pressing
  • Portable
  • Takes a few minutes to heat up before using
  • Only available for 120 volts

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SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press

Reduce ironing time by as much as 50%. With this steam press. Get professionally looking pressed clothes without a trip to the drycleaners every time.

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Extra-large: The pressing surface is extra wide, with up to 10 times more surface area covered at one time compared to conventional iron.

Better temperature control: Temperature settings can be more accurately controlled with its electronic settings. Check the type of fabric and set the pressing temperature accordingly.

Aluminum base: The base is made of die-cast aluminum, which offers easy pressing with steady and even heat distribution during each use.

Safety settings: When the press is idle for a prolonged period, a safety mechanism will trigger an automatic shut off. An audible alarm will also sound off to alert users of the situation.

Heat damage: The steam press cover will eventually wear out due to heat damage after a few months of use.

Wet spots: These may appear on clothes but will eventually dry out. This can be avoided by steaming clothes for only 1 second.

This steam press is helpful in reducing the cost of sending clothes to the drycleaners. Clothes will still look as if professionally pressed.

  • Extra-large press surface
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Aluminum base for even and easy heating
  • Automatic shut off and alarm for safety
  • Cover gets damaged from constant heat exposure
  • Wet spots on clothes if steamed for too long

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Ironing Press for Dry or Steam Pressing

This ironing press is easy to set up on top of a table or any work area. It can work with different types of fabrics including the delicate ones.

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Dry or Steam: This ironing press can be used either as a steam press or as a dry press with the easy-to-adjust, convenient controls.

Large working area: The pressing area has dimensions of 25.6 inches by 9.5 inches, which is 10 times the size of the work area of a conventional iron.

Large, even pressure: This model can use up to 100 pounds of pressure at one time, which is delivered evenly over the surface of the clothes.

Variable temperature settings: This ironing press offers the different settings required by different fabrics with its easy-to-adjust controls. Temperatures range from 100-210 degrees Celsius.

Unable to maintain temperatures: This model tends to automatically cool down by a few degrees after each use. This may be due to precautionary measures against overheating.

Good for flat clothes: Flat clothes are properly pressed but those with bulky pieces like pockets and zippers are a challenge to work around.

Clothes can either be dry ironed or steamed with just a few adjustments. Steaming will quickly get rid of stubborn wrinkles.

  • Can dry iron or steam press
  • Large working area
  • Large, even pressure
  • Variable temperature settings
  • Temperature cools down after each clothing pressed
  • Difficult to press bulky pieces on clothes like pockets

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Sienna Expresso Steam Press

Larger than the ironing surface of a traditional iron, this steam press quickly smoothens wrinkles in a few seconds. It is easy to use and produces professionally pressed clothes each time.

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Works with various fabrics: This press can steam iron clothes of different fabrics, including linen, cotton, wool, nylon and silk.

Manual temperature control:You can change temperature settings manually to match the recommended heat settings for specific fabrics. Heat settings should match for proper pressing and avoid fabric damage.

Non-stick coating: The pressing plates are coated with non-stick material to prevent starch build-up. This feature also makes cleaning easier.

Easy use: Operating this steam press is easy. Flatten clothes on the plate, close and press the button. Raise the handle and clothes are pressed in no time.

Auto shut off: This is a safety feature that automatically shuts the press off when closed or when opened. This may require constant adjustment in heat settings and waiting for the press to heat up.

Marks from metal strips: The bottom of the plate has 2 metal strips screwed into it. This will leave long marks when it touches the garment.

This product is good for quick pressing clothes. It is easy to operate and does not require any complicated settings adjustments for it to work.

  • Works with both tough and delicate fabrics
  • Manual temperature control
  • Non-stick
  • Easy to use
  • Auto shut off
  • Marks from metal strips

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