Best Vinyl Cutter – Review & Guide

Are you a professional or beginner interested in increasing the grade of your work with vinyl cutters, but you have a vague understanding of how they work and what features to consider when purchasing one?

Vinyl cutters are easy to master and use.  Vinyl cutters are computer-controlled machines for cutting out shapes, letters, or designs from sheets of adhesive vinyl materials.

The computer controls the blade, which cuts out the shapes or designs. The primary function of vinyl cutters is mainly to create banners, stickers, and stencils, among other things. read more

The Best Self-Healing Cutting Mat – Reviews & Guide

Are you an avid crafter? Do you make quilts or clothing for fun or profit? If so, you should consider buying a self-healing cutting mat (SHCM).

SHCMs allow you to make precise cuts in a variety of materials. They also help to protect your work surface. But if you choose the right product and use it well, a good SHCM can last for years.

SHCMs come in many sizes and feature a variety of patterns to help you find the right cut. Which one is best? It all depends on your intended project.

Top Ten Self-Healing Cutting Mats

Crafty World Deluxe Cutting Mat

The Crafty World Deluxe Cutting mat is 3 mm thick, making it ideal for long-term and professional use. It is smaller than many other mats and functions well in limited workspaces. read more

The Best Sewing Table – Reviews & Guide

Do you sew on a wobbly dining room table? Do you find it painful to sew for hours at a time? Are your threads, scissors, and rulers scattered around the room? If so, you need a sewing table.

Choosing the right sewing table can be difficult given the number of available models. Some are heavier and more stable, while others are lighter and more portable. Some are more ergonomic and functional, while others are easier on the eyes.

Which table is right for you? Let’s take a look at the best available models and try to answer this question. read more

The Best Thread for a Sewing Machine – Review & Guide

When using a sewing machine, it is important to choose the best thread. You need to choose your thread based on the project that you are trying to complete. There is more to thread than just matching the color of your fabric!

For most projects a 100% polyester thread is best. This is a nice strong thread that is unlikely to break or fray. If you cannot find an exact match for the fabric you are using then choose thread that is slightly darker, rather than lighter. Darker thread will not stand out against your fabric like lighter thread will. read more

The Best Home Business Embroidery Machine – Review & Guide

Having an embroidery machine at home allows you to make beautiful projects. There are many options based on your needs.

Is your space limited? You may want a machine that can double as a regular sewing machine. If you are running a home business, there are machines that can work faster to complete bigger projects.

Or maybe just want an endless array of options for your projects. This guide will help you choose which machine is the best fit for you.

Home Business Embroidery Machine Reviews

Janome Memory Craft 1400

Janome Memory Craft 1400 is an embroidery machine that you can use for sewing as well. It comes bundled as a kit that will help you get your home business moving! read more

The Best Singer Sewing Machines – Review & Guide

If you are in the market for a Singer sewing machine, look more further. Whether you’re looking for a machine to use everyday, or one that will realistically only be used a few times per year, here is the guide for you.

Several machines on here are more heavy duty. They are capable of sewing through layers of fabric, or thick fabric like denim. Others are lighter, which also means lighter weight. They will be easier to carry around.

Keep reading to find the right machine for you!

Singer Sewing Machines Reviews

Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine has a metal frame. It also has a stainless steel bedplate. read more

The Best Sewing Kit – Review & Guide

A sewing kit is a great addition for anybody! Whether you are looking to begin sewing, or looking to expand on your current sewing supplies.

Sewing kits are also useful for repairing your clothes. They can save you from hiring someone to hem your too long pants. Or they can help you save your ripped blouse!

When purchasing a sewing kit you want to choose one with nice sharp scissors. You also want a variety of threads, needles, tape measure, and definitely a case to hold everything in.

Sewing Kit Reviews

Marcoon Portable Mini Sewing Kit

The Marcoon Portable Mini Sewing Kit is a compact and portable sewing kit. It contains a variety of tools. read more

The Best Fabric Glue – Review and Guide

Fabric glue is a product with many uses. It is great for repair projects. You can fix tears in couches, carpet, and much more. Nobody will even know that you did it yourself.

Fabric glue is also often used in place of sewing. Many people who do not want to use a sewing machine choose to use fabric glue instead.

It is also useful to use fabric glue while sewing. The glue can temporarily hold your fabric together while you sew.

This buying guide will help you look at the different types of fabric glue. It will lay out the strengths and weaknesses of the top brands. read more

Best Steam Iron For Quilting

You are probably looking for a machine that can make quilting easier and quicker. Fortunately, this article will guide you in selecting the best steam iron for quilting.

A good steam iron should stay hot for a longer time. It should re-heat quickly when returned to the base setting, and should have a power cord tucked out of the way.

Steam Iron For Quilting Reviews

Oliso TG1600

The TG1600 by Olisio is an 1800-watt steam iron. It has a touch-detecting technology, which lowers and lifts itself up and an automatic shut-off system if left untouched.  It offers three settings for different steam bursts and comes with a 12.7-ounce water tank. read more

Best Steam Press for Shirts

Are you looking for the best steam press for shirts? If you’ll be using it for business or for personal use, you are in the right place.

A good steam press is one, which is easy to use in shirts and promotes functionality and quality. It also needs precise adjustable settings for temperatures.

Steam Press for Shirts Reviews


The ESP-2 Magic steam press by Singer features a larger area for both dry and steam press. It has a die-cast aluminum base, which allows steady pressing. You can also select the appropriate heat for a certain type of fabric with the provided electronic set-up. read more