Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

An outstanding sewing machine helps you complete that piecing and quilting project to perfection. So what are the qualities of the best sewing machine for quilting?

The machine should be able to make zigzag and blind hem stitches, and contain a single stitch throat plate. The view of the needle should be unobstructed, and the motor should be able to run for long periods without overheating.

Sewing Machine For Quilting Reviews

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

From Brother comes this sewing machine that is ideal for quilting and sewing projects. Features include an LCD display that allows you to choose stich patterns. It also has a top jam-resistant drop-in bobbin.

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Brother PQ1500SL High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine

This quilting machine developed by Brother is equipped with push-button, auto-thread trimmers. It has an auto needle positioner. It sews fast at 1500 stitches per minute.

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SINGER 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer developed this computerized sewing machine that can tackle quilting jobs with its 10 presser feet. Automatic adjustments of stitch width and length are available on an LED display screen.

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Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

This Janome sewing machine features a drop-feed system for easy quilting and sewing. This machine comes with a single 4-step buttonhole, extra-high presser foot lift and push-pull bobbin winder.

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Janome MC-6300P Quilting Sewing Machine

Janome designed this heavy-duty, computerized machine for sewing and quilting. It has an LED display for quick sewing and quilting reference. It features 5 blanket stitches for quilting applique.

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SINGER 7469Q Quilter

This Singer quilting machine features an automatic needle threader, with drop-and-sew bobbin system. It also has 4 quilting feet and extension table drop feed and programmable needle up/down.

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Laura Ashley CX155LA Sewing & Quilting Machine

From Brother is the Laura Ashley limited edition line of computerized quilting and sewing machines. This model includes 11 quilting and sewing feet and equipped with 155 built-in stitches.

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King Quilter 18×8 Long Arm Quilting Machine

This long-arm quilting machine from King Quilter is equipped with an LCD display and precision stitch regulation. It has an auto-needle positioner for free movement.

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JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

This quilting machine developed and recently upgraded by Juki delivers 1500 stitches/minute. The arm and bed are made of aluminum die cast for low vibration during operation.

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Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

This Juki quilting machine offers several options for stitches and patterns for alphabet, utility, or decorative purposes. It has easy pattern selection via large LCD display.

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How to Choose a Sewing Machine for Quilting

In buying a sewing machine for quilting, there are several things concerning the sewing machine’s features that you need to consider:

Size – You’ll want to have a bigger sewing machine that will give your quilt a lot of room to lie in. It’ll be hard to guide the fabric and quilt in general if your quilt is all over the place.

Lighting – Your machine should give you sufficient lighting for those long hours of quilting. It’s also good for late-night projects if that catches your drift.

Bobbin size – In quilting, you want to sew continuously and not have to replace the bobbin threads constantly. That’s why you should get a bigger bobbin that can hold more thread than a regular bobbin.

Special features – Some special features such as being able to cut thread instantly and being able to see whether or not you’re running low on bobbin thread are ideal for quilting.

Accessories – One of the accessories you’ll appreciate having is the slide-on table, as this gives your quilt more space and make it easier to sew.

Tips on Using a Sewing Machine for Quilting

Quilting takes a lot of time and patience, even when using sewing machines. It may seem intimidating, but with these helpful tips, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Tip#1: If your sewing machine is too small for your quilt, use a table or slide-on table to give the weight of the quilt some extra support.

Tip#2: To guarantee the best results for your project, use a fresh new needle every time you start a new project— and be prepared to change it from time to time.

Tip#3: Take time in preparing your quilt. Decide if you want to baste it or use pins to put the layers together, and come up with a quilting plan ahead of time.

Tip#4: When stitching, keep it slow and consistent. Quilting takes time and patience. It’s also a good idea to keep your arm bed slippery using some wax.

Tip#5: Adjust the stitch length— make it longer than usual. This will give you better results and make the quilting process faster and easier.

How to Maintain Your Sewing Machine for Quilting

In this simple maintenance routine, all you need are some lint brushes, sewing machine oil, extra needles, and small screwdrivers to open some parts of the machine.

Note that before doing any cleaning, you should remove the needle and unplug your sewing machine if the model you are using is electronic.

It is also important to check your user’s manual as it may contain precautions and recommended methods in cleaning your sewing machine.

Lint will accumulate inside the bobbin case and feed dogs, so check them regularly and use a lint brush to remove the lint. You may also use a small vacuum or canned air for excess lint and places that are hard to reach.

In the user’s manual you will see whether or not your sewing machine can be lubricated. If it can, only use special sewing machine oil— otherwise it would damage your machine.

Lastly, you should replace the needle before finishing up your maintenance routine. It is also recommended that you replace it every time you start a new project.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sewing Machines for Quilts

It may help to familiarize yourself with common problems and questions other people come across while quilting, so here’s the most frequently asked questions regarding just that:

What is quilting? Quilting is the sewing together of two or more layers of fabric. It is typically done using three layers: the top fabric, insulating material, and backing material.

What kind of thread do I use for quilting?For quilting, the most recommended type of thread is cotton because it doesn’t tear through the fabric.

How much fabric do I need to make a quilt?The amount of fabric you need to use depends on the size and kind of quilt you are making. There are quilt fabric calculators online that you can use to determine how much fabric you need.

What should I look for in a good sewing machine for quilting?A good sewing machine for quilting should have a great straight stitch, a strong motor that can run for long hours, as well as some needle-up and needle-down control.

Why is my sewing machine skipping stitches?It’s probably a problem with the needle, or the needle and thread combination. Try replacing your needle and see if it still happens.

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