Best Steam Press for Shirts

Are you looking for the best steam press for shirts? If you’ll be using it for business or for personal use, you are in the right place.

A good steam press is one, which is easy to use in shirts and promotes functionality and quality. It also needs precise adjustable settings for temperatures.

Steam Press for Shirts Reviews


The ESP-2 Magic steam press by Singer features a larger area for both dry and steam press. It has a die-cast aluminum base, which allows steady pressing. You can also select the appropriate heat for a certain type of fabric with the provided electronic set-up.

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Elnapress 720

The Elnapress 720 is a Swiss-made steam press featuring a Teflon-coated, larger ironing shoe and a built-in board with multiple layers of Finnish birch that absorbs excess humidity. It can press up to 8 layers of shirts simultaneously. It automatically shuts off after 10 seconds in closed position.

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Janome EP100

The Janome EP100 is a standard full-sized steam press, which is also time-saving. It can press up to eight layers of shirts at once. It is Swiss-designed and shuts off automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity.

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SteamFast SF-680

The SF-680 by SteamFast is a digitized steam press. It can customize heat temperature for different types of fabric. It features a non-stick coated stainless body and composition that distributes heat evenly.

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SteamFast SP-660

The SteamFast SP-660 is a table top steam press that provides high-speed pressing. It is also made of a die-cast aluminum base. The steam automatically switches off and on for energy-saving and constant steam burst.

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Steamfast SF-623BK

The SF-623BK by SteamFast is a medium-sized steam press. It guarantees fabric care and pressing without the use of chemicals. It also distributes heat evenly and discards starch build-up.

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SpeedyPress Super Premier

The Super Premier by SpeedyPress is a non-conventionally large 1800-watt iron press with steam press feature. It comes with a large digital display and temperature settings for different fabric types. It has automatic shutoff feature and a safety lock.

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SpeedyPress with Integrated Sleeve Board

The SpeedyPress is a standard 1400-watt iron and steam press that comes with a built-in sleeve arm. It has a wider press area and applies a hundred pounds of pressure. Its temperature settings vary from 100 to 210 degrees for different fabric types, especially delicate fabrics.

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Ricoma PSP-990A

The Ricoma PSP-990A is a standard steam press. It automatically shuts off after 10 seconds or when it is idle. It is as powerful as any 1350-watt steam press.

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SpeedyPress Compact Steam Press

SpeedyPress Compact is a lightweight dual-function steam press. You can use it for both dry ironing or for steam pressing. It comes with preset steam burst settings and it is more convenient to use when pressing light shirts.

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Types of Steam Press

Electric Iron Press: This type of iron press has a heater powered by electricity. Water is placed in the iron’s tank and the heater transforms this water into steam.

Professional Iron Press: This type is ideal for ironing a lot of clothes. This is usually used by dry cleaning businesses but home owners can make use of this for ironing clothes that are made of high quality materials.

Commercial Iron Press:This steam press is smaller compared to the professional one. This is mostly used by small households. The commercial steam press is used for clothes with sensitive materials.

Home Iron Press:Its size is usually the same as that of an iron board. The user only needs to place the shirt on top of the board and press the iron for a few seconds.

Mini Iron Press: This one is the smallest of all the types mentioned. This is ideal for people who are living alone in an apartment or for students who are residing in the dorms. This is also the most affordable iron press.

There are other classifications of steam presses according to its size and specifications. There are smaller and affordable ones that are perfect for a person living alone and there are bigger and expensive irons that are convenient for a huge amount of clothes.

How to Select a Steam Press

Selecting the best steam press can be difficult. There is no single product that will fit all the needs of the user since there are some steam presses that cannot be used on certain materials.

The very first thing that the user must consider in buying a steam press is the material of most of the clothes that he will be pressing. Make sure that the steam press can iron such material.

Next, consider the amount of clothing that the user will be ironing. If the user belongs to a big household where there is a need to iron a huge amount of clothes then investing in a bigger steam press will be worth it. Smaller types are more suitable for those who only need to iron a few clothes.

The weight of the steam press should also be considered especially for those who need to iron for more than ten minutes. The user should choose the steam press that is comfortable for him.

The user should choose a steam press that has an auto shut-off feature. This is safer to use especially for those who tend to leave the steam press without turning it off to do other things.

A steam press with more holes produces more steam than those with fewer holes. The more steam is produced; the faster it is to get rid of wrinkles.

How to Maintain a Steam Press

Before cleaning the steam press, the user should read the instruction manual of the product. There might be additional things that the user should do to properly clean the steam press.

The user can use the ironing board in cleaning the steam press. Prepare a clean and a damp cloth. A mild detergent should be used instead of the usual ones.

Pour water in the steam press’ tank. Make sure that it is not connected to any outlet and that its switch is not turned on.

Place first the pressing cushion on the center of the ironing board. Cover it with a clean cloth, preferably a towel, of the same size.

The steam control and temperature control should be set to its maximum setting. After that, the user should slowly lower the pressing plate on the cushion.

Press the steam burst control for six times. Do not touch the metal surfaces since this area is very hot. After it cooled down, clean the surface with the damp cloth. Remove the remaining dirt with the mild detergent.

Tips to Use a Steam Press

There a few precautions that the user has to remember when using a steam press. The very basic thing to remember is not to plug in or out the appliance without turning it off.

The kind of water that is placed inside the tank is necessary. Use only distilled water. But there are some newer models that can use tap water. Do not use any liquid with alcohol content.

Disconnect the steam press before adding water in the tank. Do not also remove the water inside if it is not turned off and disconnected from the outlet.

Another thing to remember is that the cord of the iron should not touch any hot surface. Make sure that the cord is far from any hot object because this can damage the cord.

If the cord is damaged, do not use the iron anymore. This can lead to accidents like fire. The user should not try to repair it on his own. Let a licensed electrician do it.

Do not plug in another appliance with ahigh wattage on the same outlet where the steam press is connected. This can cause an accident if the circuit cannot handle these two appliances.

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