Best Steam Iron For Quilting

You are probably looking for a machine that can make quilting easier and quicker. Fortunately, this article will guide you in selecting the best steam iron for quilting.

A good steam iron should stay hot for a longer time. It should re-heat quickly when returned to the base setting, and should have a power cord tucked out of the way.

Steam Iron For Quilting Reviews

Oliso TG1600

The TG1600 by Olisio is an 1800-watt steam iron. It has a touch-detecting technology, which lowers and lifts itself up and an automatic shut-off system if left untouched.  It offers three settings for different steam bursts and comes with a 12.7-ounce water tank.

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Rowenta DW5080

The Rowenta DW5080 is a German-made steam iron with an improved, pointed tip. Its 400-hole micro steam is a unique design intended for meticulous and even steam distribution. It has a 3-way automatic shutoff, a self-cleaning system and a 10-ounce water tank.

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Black+Decker D2030

The Black+ Decker D2030 steam iron comes with a digital LCD that displays the current iron mode. Temperature and steam is set through a dial. It has a stainless steel soleplate, 3-way automatic shutoff and a self-cleaning system.

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Sunbeam Steam Master

The Sunbeam Steam Master is a 1400-watt steam iron that features an anti-drip system for preventing leakage at any heat level. It has steam burst settings for both flat and vertical surfaces. It has an automatic shutoff and a self-cleaning system.

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Steamfast SF-717

SteamFast SF-727 is a versatile 420-watt steam iron. It is lightweight and portable, yet powerful enough for ironing quilts at home. It comes with three varied temperature settings and a 1.4-ounce water tank.

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Panasonic NI-L70SR

The Panasonic LI-L70SR is a cordless steam or dry iron. It is rechargeable and has an automatic retractable cord. It comes with a detachable water tank, 3-heat settings, a vertical steam option and a self-cleaning system.

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Shark GI505

The Shark GI505 is an 1800-watt, heavy-duty steam iron. It features a stainless steel soleplate that glides smoothly and is easily maneuvered. It allows selection of fabric with its one-touch technology.

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T-fal FV4446

The T-fal FV4446 is a1700-watt steam iron made of ceramic soleplate. The soleplate is scratch-resistant and switches off automatically after 30-second inactivity. It also features a cord, which is built in such a way that makes ironing convenient.

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Shark GI305

The Shark GI305 is a lightweight 1500-watt steam iron. It’s made of stainless steel soleplate and a tip, which fits into button corners. It features a 260-ml water tank built with a door, promoting ease in refilling.

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ZZ ES2316 Steam Iron

The ZZ ES2316 is a 1500-watt steam iron that features a motion-sensor technology for automatic shut-off. It has an option for vertical burst of steam. It comes with a non-stick stainless soleplate and an anti-drip system that prevents leakage.

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Types of Steam Iron

There are different steam irons that are currently sold in the market. These irons are categorized depending on its kind soleplate, size, weight, and additional features.

To narrow down the list, consider buying any of these three kinds of steam iron: conventional steam iron, cordless steam iron, and steam ironing system.

The conventional steam iron produces a small amount of hot steam but it gets the job done faster than expected. It can use tap water because of anti-calcium valves or filters.

The cordless steam iron has pretty much the same features of the conventional steam iron. The big difference lies on the power cord. This type does not have any cord so it saves the user from the hassle of using power cords.

The steam ironing system is bigger compared to the first two types. It takes more time to heat up. It also does not have an auto shut-off feature so the user cannot leave it unattended.

Steam irons can also be categorized based on its price and specifications. There are high-end irons in the market, standard ones, and the normal steam irons that are less expensive compared to the other models.

How to Select a Steam Iron

When people talk about buying a steam iron, it is always better to choose one that produces more steam. Steam irons that produce little steam will most likely get the job in a much slower pace. The more steam is produced; the faster it is to remove wrinkles on clothes.

The convenience of using a steam iron depends on its soleplates. A good soleplate would be one that glides on the clothes well. Stainless steel or ceramic soleplates glide well on fabric.

Make sure that the dials or digital controls of the iron can be easily seen and understood. It saves the user time to immediately see what kind of function a certain control does.

The preferences of the user also play a role in choosing a steam iron to buy. Even less expensive models have different features that are useful. Some of these features are auto shut-off, self-cleaning system, retractable cord, adjustable steam, and vertical steaming.

Having a top of the line steam iron will be useless if the owner does not feel comfortable using it. Make sure that the weight of the iron is not that heavy for the user.

It is not important to choose the most expensive steam iron in the market to get the best product. Some of the most convenient and comfortable irons to use are those average-priced ones.

How to Maintain a Steam Iron

Before even thinking of cleaning a steam iron, the user must first understand what the different functions of its various parts are. Read first the instruction manual of the product.

The user must not frequently clean the steam iron. It is not good to regularly clean the iron or else it might get damaged easily. Use a large damp cloth and wipe the soleplate of the iron. Do this when the iron is still slightly hot.

In case there are stains that are hard to clean, use a mild detergent and a nylon mesh pad. Do not put too much detergent on the pad.

Use a dry sheet to wipe the soleplate to get rid of the remaining dirt. Make sure that the setting of the steam iron is low when doing this.

Pour a small amount of vinegar and water in the water reservoir. Make sure that the amount of vinegar and water are equal. Do not fill the reservoir. Turn the setting to medium and steam for 5-10 minutes.

Fill it with water this time to remove the traces of vinegar. Wipe the steam vents using a clean and dry rag to get rid of rust.

Advantages of Having a Steam Iron

Even if this kind of iron cannot be used for ironing certain kinds of fabric like silk, a steam iron can be used on the most common fabrics like wool.

Using a steam iron is easier and more convenient. This type of iron does the job faster than the traditional types.It saves the user time in getting rid of wrinkles on the clothes.

It is a versatile type of iron. A steam iron can also be used as a dry iron. All the user has to do is use it without putting water.

A steam iron is convenient for vertical ironing. The user can iron any fabric without the need of putting it on an ironing board. This is ideal for those who do not want to take the curtains down to iron them.

It is also safe to use a steam iron. It automatically turns off after ten minutes of not using it. This reduces any risk of fire since the user can leave it unattended for a while.

This iron can hold up to 1000ml of water. The user does not have to regularly pour in water to continue ironing more clothes. It saves time and effort.

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