The Best Fabric Glue – Review and Guide

Fabric glue is a product with many uses. It is great for repair projects. You can fix tears in couches, carpet, and much more. Nobody will even know that you did it yourself.

Fabric glue is also often used in place of sewing. Many people who do not want to use a sewing machine choose to use fabric glue instead.

It is also useful to use fabric glue while sewing. The glue can temporarily hold your fabric together while you sew.

This buying guide will help you look at the different types of fabric glue. It will lay out the strengths and weaknesses of the top brands.

Fabric Glue Reviews

Odif Usa Spray and Fix Temporary Adhesive

Odif Usa Spray and Fix Temporary Adhesive is a fabric glue that is in a spray canister. This canister makes it easy to use.

This fabric glue is temporary, which makes it a great option to hold fabric in place while sewing. You can use this glue in place of pins while sewing. The temporary nature of this glue also means that it will not leave any residue on your sewing needles.

This product does not have any odor or color. It will not stain your fabric, nor cause your work space to smell.


  • Temporary and washable.
  • Easy use spray canister.


  • The vapors can be harmful.
  • Some projects may need a stronger, permanent glue.

Sewline Glue Pen

Sewline Glue Pen is a fabric glue that comes in a small pen. It also comes with refills, so it is reusable.

This fabric glue is very convenient to use. The pen can be easily stored. The pen dispenser also makes it easy to apply to your project with more precision. This can be useful for more detailed work.

These glue pens are water soluble, when you have permanently sewn your fabric it will wash off easily.

It is also non toxic, and acid free. You do not have to worry about these glue pens being harmful for you, or children.


  • Non toxic and acid free.
  • Convenient pen.


  • Cannot withstand washing.

Clear Glue Craft Fabric Floral Adhesive Liquid Silicone

Clear Glue Craft Fabric Floral Adhesive Liquid Silicone is a craft glue that is versatile. You can use this one for a lot of projects.

This fabric glue can be used on many different materials. Everything from fabric to wood, which is very helpful if you want something with multi-uses.

This fabric glue is permanent, so it is not water soluble. It is very strong, and similar to the glue from a hot glue gun.

It is also non toxic, and does not have much odor at all. You do not have to be overly concerned about this glue causing any health problems.


  • Non toxic.
  • Very strong and permanent.
  • Can be used on many materials.


  • Takes longer to set.
  • Can be stringy.

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive

Aleene’s 32137 Fabric Fusion Adhesive is a more permanent option for your projects. It can also be used to repair couches.

This fabric glue stays flexible, even after it dries. This means it will remain bonded to your material without breaking.

After 48 hours of drying time you can wash projects completed with this glue. You can use this glue for permanent, washable projects.

There is no stringing when using this fabric glue. Your projects will remain nice and clean, without any excites glue strings.


  • Stays flexible.
  • Can be washed.
  • Can be used on a variety of materials.


  • Must be washed with cold water.
  • Using too much can make it less effective.

Aleene’s Always Tacky Always Ready Fabric Adhesive

Aleene’s Always Tacky Always Ready Fabric Adhesive is very versatile. It is a great choice for non washable projects.

This glue is non toxic. You do not have to worry about dangerous fumes or chemicals. It is also kid friendly. So, children can use it for their projects, they can even make slime with it.

You choose how big you want the opening on the tip to be. This lets you control the amount of glue that comes out. You can choose less for smaller areas to glue, and more if you have a bigger area to glue.


  • Non toxic and child friendly.
  • Customizable tip opening.
  • Can be used for many different materials.


  • Cannot be washed.
  • It is not acid free.

E6000 231020 Adhesive

The E6000 231020 Adhesive comes with 3 different precision tips. You can choose, and interchange which tip you use for which project.

This glue is very versatile. You can use it on fabric as well as glass, pvc, concrete, metal, wood, and much more.

When this glue dries it is clear. You will not be able to see any residue on your fabric. It is also photo safe, so if you decide to use it to glue photos it will not ruin them.

This glue is one of the few that is heat resistant. Projects made with this can be washed and dried normally.


  • Heat resistant.
  • Dries clear, and safe for photos.
  • 3 different tips for different projects.


  • It is not non toxic.
  • Takes longer to dry.

Tombow 52180 MONO Aqua Liquid Glue

The Tombow Aqua Liquid Glue is very handy. It dries clear.

This glue has 2 switchable tips. One of the tips is fine, for small and detailed work. The other tip is nice when you need to cover bigger areas.

It is also non toxic, so you do not have to worry about dangerous chemicals.

You can use Tombow Aqua Glue for projects that are washable. It is strong enough to use in place of sewing.


  • Switchable tips.
  • Dries clear.
  • No dangerous chemicals.


  • It is not strong enough for heavy fabric.

Tear Mender Instant Adhesive

Tear Mender is a fabric and leather glue that comes in a 2 ounce bottle.

Tear mender glue is non toxic, and made out of natural products. You will not have to worry about this product harming your skin.

This is a permanent glue. It can withstand being washed. It is also UV resistant. You can use it for indoor or outdoor projects.

Tear Mender glue dries very quickly. Unlike other permanent glues it only takes 3 minutes to dry. You can also wash your fabric within 15 minutes of putting the glue on. You do not have to wait days before washing!


  • Natural and non toxic.
  • Permanent and flexible.
  • Quick drying.


  • Can only be used on porous materials.
  • Dries in the bottle if not sealed.

Gutermann HT2 Glue

Gutermann HT2 Glue is a permanent glue that can s designer for cotton, wool, and more.

Gutermann glue can be used on a lot of different materials. It is versatile enough for a lot of different projects.

This glue dries very quickly. Within seven minutes your project will be dry and ready to go. It is also removable with acetone. If you made a mistake you can undo it.


  • Suitable for many materials.
  • Fast drying.
  • Excellent for wool.


  • Needs to be ironed to set.

HENMI Fashion Beauty Tape

HENMI Fashion Beauty Tape is a double sided tape. It is meant for skin as well as fabric.

This double sided tape is very helpful for some projects involving fabric. It is double sided so you can use it for many different things.

This tape does not leave any residue behind. You can use it instead of pins before you see your fabric. This means you won’t have to leave any holes in your fabric. It is especially helpful for delicate fabrics.

This tape is also made to stick to skin. If you need to help your fabric stay put on your body this is very useful.

It is transparent as well. You can use it without anybody knowing you have it on. The strips are precut, which is very convenient.


  • Invisible and unseen.
  • Can adhere fabric to skin.
  • Precut strips.


  • Not permanent.
  • Precut strips don’t allow freedom or versatility.

Types of Fabric Glue

Permanent: Permanent fabric glue can be washed. Some of these options can be dried in the dryer as well. These glues are not meant to be removed once they are put on. If you try to sew your fabric, the glue will gum up your sewing needles.

Temporary: Temporary fabric glue is not meant to last for a long time. It is not meant to be washed. This water soluble glue is great for holding fabric together before and during sewing. It will not gum up sewing needles.

Non Toxic: Many of the options are non toxic. This can be important if you are completing a project with children around. It is also a nice feature if you are concerned about how chemicals can affect your health.

How to Use Fabric Glue

How to use fabric glue can change depending on whether you are using temporary or permanent. The temporary glues tend to dry much faster than the permanent glues. You should apply the glue and then hold the pieces of fabric together. Keep the pieces there for the time stated on the glue instructions.

For glues that take longer to dry you may want to use pins to hold the pieces of fabric together.

When washing projects that have permanent glue on them it is helpful to turn the project inside out before flying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the glue non toxic? Some of them are, and some are not. Read the instructions carefully to find out.

Can I use it to repair my couch? The majority of the glues listed here can be used to repair upholstery. Do not choose one that needs ironing to set. As the fabric of your couch may not be heat resistant.

Is the glue safe for photos? The product will say if it is safe for photos. The acid in glue can damage photos over time. Watch for an acid free glue.

Does it dry clear? Almost all of these fabric glues will dry clear.

Does fabric glue work? Yes, it works best for smaller parts of projects. It may not be best to try to do an entire project with just glue.

How to Maintain Fabric Glue

Be sure to choose the right glue for your project. Do not wash glue that is not meant to be washed. Follow all of the instructions. Your fabric glue will last a lot longer if you follow the specific instructions. Do not use too much glue. Using too much can actually make the glue less effective.

When storing the glue be sure to store it with the lid sealed. Glue has a tendency to dry out and should not be left open for long periods of time. Be especially careful with the fast drying glues.


Here is a video that describes how to use fabric glue.


If you are trying to choose a fabric glue there are so many choices! There are many great options depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Before buying think about the type of project you want to accomplish. Does it need to be temporary or permanent? This guide will help you determine the best glue for your needs. Use an included link to purchase one of these great options!

Do you have experience with fabric glue? Is there an aspect that hasn’t been addressed in this article? Feel free to comment below and tell us!

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