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Have you ever been on a date – or in a work presentation – where people were paying more attention to the wrinkles on your clothes than on what you were saying? If so, then you better get your hands on the best ironing board right now!

A good ironing board makes the chore of ironing clothes a lot easier. For one, you get to keep a good stance and posture. It also helps get the job done faster. The board should be lightweight and available in various sizes to fit every unique person’s needs.

Reliable 100IB Ironing Board

The 100IB Board by Reliable is handcrafted in Italy. It is made of durable components like the tube frame construction and the mesh screen which is made of galvanized metal.

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Its leg design is of a single wishbone. This set-up aims to improve the stability of the 100IB Board.

It has an iron tray that is permanently attached to the underside of the board. The tray can be used for an ironing station or a clothes iron.

Its height can be easily adjusted from 30 to 38 inches. You can choose from the seven levels of adjustments the height suits you the best.

You will not find it difficult at all to fold the ironing board for storage. This Reliable ironing board even comes with a magnetic locking system.

The Board 100IB, which banks on durability and stability, may be too heavy for others. Some may have a little struggle in folding and carrying the 17-pound ironing board.

This handcrafted ironing board’s tube frame construction, single wishbone legs, and iron tray are painted in white. Others frown at the color white because it easily gets stained.

Those who are scouting for a heavy duty ironing board will be pleased with the composition and structure of Reliable’s 100IB The Board.

  • It has single wishbone legs.
  • It has an iron tray attached permanently to the underside.
  • Its height is adjustable to seven levels.
  • It is easy to fold and has a magnetic locking system.
  • Its weight of 17 lbs. might be too heavy for some.
  • The white tube frames, legs, and iron tray might get stained easily.

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Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Ironing Board

This ironing board by Rowenta puts a premium on sturdiness and functionality. It is made in France using durable metallic and aluminum materials.

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The IB9100 Pro Compact has add-ons that a common ironing board does not provide. It comes with hanger racks, a steam iron rest, a huge steam station, and wheels.

In addition, it has an ironing surface that is larger than usual at 54 inches by 18 inches. This will allow you to finish your ironing chores in a quicker pace.

Its cotton cover is also thicker than a normal ironing board cover. At 5 mm thick, the Rowenta IB9100 cover ensures that there are no print marks left on your clothes.

Ironing with the IB9100 Pro Compact is made easier with the possibility of adjusting the board’s height. The height adjustment range is from 27 inches to 37 inches.

Some of you, however, might consider this Rowenta ironing board to be quite bulky because of its large ironing surface. Those with limited ironing spaces might find this ironing board to be too big.

The IB9100 Pro Compact is heavier than common ironing boards because of its many add-ons. Others might consider this 20-pound ironing board to be too heavy.

Those who iron many large clothes and fabrics such as gowns, blankets, and curtains will appreciate the size and add-ons of the Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact.

  • It has hanger racks, wheels, a steam iron rest, plus a big steam station.
  • It has a large ironing surface.
  • It has a thick cotton cover.
  • Its height can be adjusted from 27 inches to 37 inches.
  • Its large ironing surface might be bulky for some.
  • Its weight of 20 lbs. might be too heavy for others.

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Brabantia Ironing Board Size C – Moving Circles

Brabantia has released a number of ironing boards with stylish covers. Its Ironing Board Size C with an ivory frame has a cover design of moving circles against a blue background.

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It has special built-in features to assist you in ironing specific wardrobe pieces. A pointed end allows you to iron your pants with ease while a shoulder shape makes it easier to iron shirts and blouses.

It also has a steam iron rest that has protective strips. The strips, which are resistant to heat, and keep a clothes iron in place.

The four feet of the Brabantia ironing board are protected by non-slip caps. This ensures that the ironing board is sturdy on all surfaces.

Another special feature is the child safety lock. It prevents the ironing board from falling and being displaced by accident.

The height of this Brabantia board may be adjustable, but it only has four levels to choose from. Other ironing boards have more than five height levels.

The moving circles design might be edgy but it could serve as a distraction when you are ironing see-through fabrics such as chiffon and lace. You might mistake the circle designs to be fabric linings.

Having a Brabantia Ironing Board Size C – Moving Circles in the household bodes well for those who have young children. It is also for those who want to have a unique ironing board cover.

  • It has built-in features to help iron pants, blouses, and shirts.
  • Its steam iron rest has protective strips.
  • Its four feet are covered with non-slip caps.
  • It has a child safety lock.
  • It only has four height adjustment levels.
  • Its circles design could be confusing when ironing sheer clothing.

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The Pro Board by Parker & Company

This Parker & Company product boasts of an ultra broad ironing surface and an extra large tray. It is aptly called The Pro Board because its dimensions are suitable for industrial purposes.

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It is designed with a powerful metal structure to ensure its durability. This means that The Pro Board can be used not just in residences but also in commercial establishments.

Its especially wide ironing board comes with distinctive shoulder wings. The wings, which are patented by Parker & Company, are foldable and retractable.

The huge plastic tray of The Pro Board has a cord holder attached to it. The holder aims to prevent the iron’s cord from getting in the way while ironing.

Despite being an industrial ironing board, it still has a lock system to ensure child safety. The child lock aims to prevent the accidental collapse of The Pro Board.

This Parker & Company ironing board, however, may be too hefty for those living in dorms, apartments, and small residences.

The various features of this product might prove to be useless for a regular household owner because the add-ons tend to benefit the industrial users.

Those working in dorms, guest houses, hotels, and hospitals will find The Pro Board to be beneficial in their dry cleaning services. Its durability and size can endure the high turnover of clothes and linen that have to be ironed.

  • Its durable metal structure is fit for household and industrial use.
  • Its broad ironing surface has unique shoulder wings.
  • Its large tray comes with a cord holder.
  • It has a child lock safety system.
  • It may be hefty for small residential spaces.
  • Its various add-ons may be useless for a household owner.

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Minky Hot Spot Pro Ironing Board

This ironing board is one of the prime products of British brand Minky Homecare. The designing and manufacturing processes of the Minky Hot Spot Pro are done in the U.K.

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It is considered a family-sized board with a weight of 12 lbs. When folded, its height is just 55 inches. This makes it a breeze to store the Minky Hot Spot Pro.

It has a loop leg that serves as a hook if you wish to hang your folded board. More importantly, the loop leg improves the stability of the ironing board’s stance.

You can leave your clothes iron on the Hot Spot Pro rest which is made of silicone. The iron rest is a special feature because it is movable. It can also be repositioned wherever you want.

The Minky Hot Spot Pro has a unique Prozone Cover that can reflect heat because of its metallic coating. This makes it possible to expedite the removal of creases as well as the ironing process.

The height of this Minky board can be adjusted from zero to 36 inches. Some might not see the need to adjust the height to a nominal size such as from zero to five inches.

The compact board may pose a problem when you iron large linens like bed sheets, blankets, and curtains. You will have to iron the linens portion by portion on the small ironing surface.

Those who are always on the go will appreciate the Prozone cover technology of this Minka board. Those who are living in small spaces will like the compact size of the Hot Spot Pro.

  • It is a light and compact board that is easy to store.
  • It comes with a loop leg.
  • The clothes iron rest is movable.
  • It has a Prozone cover which speeds up the ironing process.
  • The nominal height adjustment levels may seem insignificant.
  • It may be difficult to iron large linens on the small board.

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