The Best Thread for a Sewing Machine – Review & Guide

When using a sewing machine, it is important to choose the best thread. You need to choose your thread based on the project that you are trying to complete. There is more to thread than just matching the color of your fabric!

For most projects a 100% polyester thread is best. This is a nice strong thread that is unlikely to break or fray. If you cannot find an exact match for the fabric you are using then choose thread that is slightly darker, rather than lighter. Darker thread will not stand out against your fabric like lighter thread will.

In some cases you may need different thread. A good rule of thumb is to choose the same type of material for your thread that you choose for your fabric. For example, if you are sewing with silk, then you should use silk thread. Be cautious in using 100% cotton thread, as it is very delicate, and likely to break.

Sewing Machine Thread Reviews

Simthread 24 Spools Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

Smithread Trilobal Polyester Thread is made out of trilobal polyester. This thread is strong enough for embroider as well as regular sewing machine usage.

This thread is durable enough for embroidery projects. It can also be used for hand sewing and regular sewing machines.There are also 1100 yards which allows you to complete more work per spool of thread.

This thread comes in a kit with 24 different colored spools. This will help you find the right match for your fabric. The trilobal polyester is also shiny, which adds a nice touch to your projects. It is also very colorfast, and it can even handle being bleached when washed.


  • Strong enough for embroidery.
  • Shiny thread.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Large spools.


  • Shiny thread might not be suitable for all projects.

Simthread Brother 40 Color Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit

Smithread Brother 40 Color Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit works very well with sewing machines.

This thread is made with trilobal polyester. This makes the thread extremely strong and elastic. The strength of this makes it able to withstand most any project. High quality thread resists any breaking or fraying, which will increase the longevity of your project. It will also allow you to wash and iron your work when you are finished.

This thread has also been tested for safety. It contains no harmful chemicals such as BPA, lead, or phthalates. Health and safety are important things to consider when choosing thread.


  • Strong trilobal polyester.
  • 40 beautiful color choices.
  • Has been tested for toxic chemicals.


  • Not ideal for all fabrics.

KEIMIX Polyester Sewing Thread

The KEIMIX Polyester Sewing Thread is a great choice. It is made up of 100% polyester, and it is very strong. It is a good choice for sewing machines, and also works for any hand sewing that you may need to complete.

This thread is made of strong, yet slightly stretchy, material. It will not break while using a sewing machine. It comes with 24 different colors. This variety is nice to match the color of your fabric.

There are 1,000 yards on each spool, plenty of thread to finish projects. It also comes with 10 needles, and 1 needle threader. It is an excellent kit with materials to help you with your project.


  • Strong and durable material.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • Comes with needles and a needle threader. 


  • Not great for sewing at high speeds for long lengths of time.
  • Does not work well with an embroidery machine.

NEX Sewing Thread Assortment Cotton

NEX sewing thread comes with 24 different colors. This thread is made out of a mixture of cotton and polyester.

The kit with 24 different colors gives you an array of options for any project. The cotton polyester blend makes a soft thread. This is helpful if you want a softer, and natural, texture for a project. The polyester in the thread makes it more durable than 100% cotton thread. It is very important that thread is strong enough to withstand the speed of a sewing machine.

With 1000 yards per spool there is plenty of thread in each color. This should allow you to complete many projects.


  • More natural feel.
  • Soft and durable.
  • Variety of colors.


  • Cotton polyester blend is not as strong as 100% polyester.
  • More subject to fraying.

Superior Threads 13302-374 Kimono Mikimoto

Superior Threads Kimono Mikimoto Silk Thread is a great choice if you are using fabric that is made out of silk or wool.

This thread is made out of silk. Which produces a very delicate look. The fineness of silk prevents the thread from leaving holes in your fabric. This creates a very nice and clean appearance on the fabric.

Silk thread is also very strong. It will help you create something that will last for a long time.


  • Fine and delicate.
  • Great for projects using silk.
  • Beautiful appearance.


  • Not as strong as polyester.
  • Can melt when ironed.

New Brotherhead Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit

New Brotherhead Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread kit is an excellent choice for sewing machine use. This kit comes with 40 different colors of polyester thread.

This 40WT thread is strong and stretchy, which makes it versatile for a lot of different projects. The strength also means that it will hold up to the speed of a sewing machine.

With 40 different colors this kit has many choices. This allows you to find an excellent match for any project that you are working on. The colors in this are vibrant and beautiful, which will increase the appeal of your work.


  • Versatile thread.
  • Strong and Stretchy.
  • Many color choices.


  • There is not as much thread per spool(only 550 yards).

TAOindustry Embroidery Thread Polyester Spools

TAOindustry Embroidery Thread Polyester Spools comes with 40 spools of different colors.

This thread is made out of polyester, which is strong as well as elastic. It is a great choice for most projects.

These spools are also self locking. There is a spot where you can put the end of the thread. Which makes it easier to find when you return to your project. The spools are also very big. They have 1100 yards of thread per spool; plenty of thread to complete many projects!


  • Self locking spools.
  • Versatile polyester thread.
  • 40 different colors.
  • Large spools.


  • Might not be ideal for more delicate projects.

New Brotherhead 9 Basic Colors Metallic Embroidery Machine Thread Kit

New Brotherhead 9 Basic Colors Metallic Embroidery Machine Thread kit has beautiful metallic thread.

This kit contains 9 different colors of metallic or glitter thread. These colors are fun, decorative, and will add a special touch to many projects.

The core of this thread is made out of polyester, and then coated in foil made of metal. This gives the thread more strength in addition to the unique coloring. It also is not likely to fray or break, nobody wants thread that is going to break on them!


  • Beautiful metallic colors.
  • Polyester core for added strength.
  • Fun glitter thread. 


  • Cannot be exposed to heat.
  • Must sew slowly with machine to avoid tangles and breakage.

Gutermann Invisible Thread

Gutermann Invisible Thread is thread that is great when you do not want anyone to see your thread.

This thread is invisible, which is useful when you do not want your thread to be visible. This is a great choice for repair projects. It is also useful with fabrics that have many colors on them, you will not have to worry about matching your thread to your fabric.

Made out of strong fabric, this thread can be used in a sewing machine. It is also strong enough for quilting projects.


  • Invisible and hideable thread.
  • Strong enough for quilting.
  • Useful for repair projects 


  • Not as strong as 100% polyester.
  • More likely to melt or break.

Gutermann Recycled Polyester Thread

Gutermann Recycled Polyester Thread is a great addition to any sewing kit.

This thread is made out of polyester, which means it is strong as well as elastic. It also means it can withstand head from washing or ironing.

This thread is made out of recycled plastic PET bottles. When using this thread you know that you are recycling materials, and saving the planet.


  • Strong and durable polyester.
  • Eco Friendly, recycled material.
  • Versatile for many different projects.


  • It does not have the shine of trilobal polyester.
  • It does not come in a kit with many colors.

Types of Thread

Trilobal Polyester: This thread is the most versatile. It is a newer product and offers strength, flexibility, as well as a beautiful shiny finish. These threads come in many beautiful colors. They are extremely colorfast. You can wash, iron, and even bleach them!

100% Polyester: Thread made out of 100% polyester is still very strong. It is very versatile, and can be used with many different types of projects. It is very unlikely to break or fray.

Cotton Polyester Thread: When using a blend of cotton and polyester you will get a much softer feel. You will also have a more natural look for your project.

Silk: You should use silk thread when sewing with fabric that is silk or wool. This fine and delicate thread leaves a beautiful finish. It will also not leave holes in your fabric, messing up the look.

Invisible: Invisible thread is perfect when you do not want your thread to be seen. Whether you are making repairs or working with a fabric with hard to match colors, invisible thread has many uses.

Metallic: Metallic thread is not as hardy as other threads. The inside is made out of polyester, but the outside is made out of metal foil. This more specialized thread is great when you have a more unique project you are working on.

Recycled: This thread is made out of recycled plastic. It is still strong. Reducing plastic waste is a very environmentally friendly choice.

How to Choose Thread

Strength: You may want to think about how strong you need your thread to be. If you want to be able to machine wash, iron, or even bleach the thread. As well as how often, and how long, the project needs to last.

Fabric: The fabric you are using is something to consider when choosing your thread. You will want to choose a thread that is made out of similar material as your fabric.

Environment: If you prefer environmentally friendly, or non toxic products then you should be mindful of those details when choosing thread.

Design: There are some cases where you may have a specific look in mind. If you want your thread to be hidden, or maybe you would like it to be shiny and glittery? Or perhaps you would like some very delicate looking thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work with my sewing machine? All threads listed will work with a sewing machine. Some of them will also work with embroidery machines. Care must be taken when using the more delicate threads, you will want to go slow.

Can I wash it? The more durable threads such as trilobal polyester, and 100% polyester will have no problem being washed at any temperature.

Will the larger spools fit on my sewing machine? Yes, the larger spools should be able to fit on any standard sewing machine.

What kind of thread should I use to sew a quilt? Polyester thread is by far the strongest, which is important when quilting, especially a thicker quilt. Cotton thread is also a nice choice, it is not as durable, but it will shrink in the wash if the quilt shrinks. Consider cotton thread if you are using 100% cotton fabric for a quilt.

How do I keep silk thread from tangling? When using silk thread for specialized projects, you can rub beeswax on it to help prevent fraying.

Check out this video for more information!


There are many things to think about when you are choosing thread for your sewing machine. You should think about your project, and what your goals are. There are many beautiful colors and different types of thread to choose from. You cannot always rely on the weight of the thread because the weight can change by country! Take a look at this list of threads and choose the one that will help you complete your next project with your sewing machine. The links and information are provided, so it makes it easy!

What is your experience with different types of thread? Is there a specific type or brand your prefer for your projects? Go ahead and write a comment to tell us!

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