The Best Sewing Table – Reviews & Guide

Do you sew on a wobbly dining room table? Do you find it painful to sew for hours at a time? Are your threads, scissors, and rulers scattered around the room? If so, you need a sewing table.

Choosing the right sewing table can be difficult given the number of available models. Some are heavier and more stable, while others are lighter and more portable. Some are more ergonomic and functional, while others are easier on the eyes.

Which table is right for you? Let’s take a look at the best available models and try to answer this question.

Top Ten Sewing Machine Tables

Sauder 414873 Sewing and Craft Cart

This Sauder table combines size, storage, and portability. Measuring 38.5 x 40 x 28.5 inches, it features 3 cabinets and a stable set of wheels.

Featuring a scratch, stain, and heat-resistant melamine surface, the Sauder 414873 can stand up to your most demanding projects.

When not in use, it folds into a smaller form resembling an ordinary cabinet, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into your workspace.

While some assembly is required, this sewing table is shipped with easy-to-follow instructions.


  • Extendible length of up to 63 inches provides extra space for larger projects.
  • Easy portability ensures that this sewing table will never be in your way.
  • Three large storage cabinets keep your sewing tools neatly organized.


  • The soft-white melamine surface smudges easily.
  • Build construction is not great, and the table cracks easily during moving.

Arrow Wallaby II Sewing Cabinet

The Wallaby II features a three-position airlift able to accommodate most machines, guaranteeing a perfectly integrated and attractive workspace.

Measuring 70 x 59 x 29 inches, this cabinet is large enough to accommodate most projects, and features a fold out leaf for extra space.

The Wallaby II’s cabinets feature 3 bins, 2 drawers, and 33 spool holders for easy storage.

Cabinets can also be locked for security, a useful feature if children are present.


  • A three-position airlift gives cabinet gives this table a custom-made feel.
  • 33 spool holders keep all your threads easily accessible.
  • High quality wheels make this cabinet portable.


  • When the fold-out leaf is engaged, sitting space is narrow.
  • Assembly instructions are difficult to follow.

Craft and Machine Hobby Essentials 62700 Machine Platform Table

At 60 inches wide, this sewing table offers sufficient space for most applications. Additionally, its adjustable platform is wide enough to accommodate most machines.

A heavy-duty iron frame minimizes vibrations from faster machines.

Assembly is simple compared to most other tables, and can be accomplished in less than an hour.

With its laminated white or grey top, this table is attractive and easy to keep clean.


  • Wide adjustable platform accommodates standard or free arm machines.
  • Simple instructions allow this table to be assembled quickly.
  • Cord-management hole allows wires to be kept out of sight.


  • Adjustable platform for sewing machine is difficult to move.
  • Table surface can crack if not assembled corectly.

Arrow 611 Gidget II Folding Sewing Table

At 40 x 19 x 28, this table is ideal for small workspaces. While not adjustable, its platform is designed to work with custom inserts.

With its medium density fibreboard and steel legs, this table is sturdy enough to handle machines of up to 40 pounds.

A melamine finish allows the table to stand up to heat, scratches, and stains.

With its simple construction, the Gidget II requires no assembly whatsoever.


  • The Gidget II’s solid construction enables it to handle higher speed machines without shaking.
  • With its simple design and white finish, this table is visually attractive.
  • This table is easy to clean and can be wiped down with a simple cloth.


  • An expensive custom-made insert is required to bring the sewing machine flush with the table.
  • The Gidget II contains storage space, and a separate cabinet may be needed to hold tools.

Costway Adjustable Sewing and Craft Table

This model includes a 6-position mechanism intended to fit most machines, enabling you to keep your presser-foot flush with your table.

At 46 x 23.5 x 30 inches, this table fits into smaller workspaces, making it convenient for hobbyists.

In addition, an extension surface increases available workspace, making the table suitable for quilting.

A lower shelf allows the user to store the sewing tools in an easily accessible fashion.


  • The 6-position adjustable mechanism accommodates most machines.
  • Steel legs are durable and can easily be removed for shipping.
  • Size of table allows it to double as computer desk. 


  • Instructions consist of simple diagrams, making assembly difficult.
  • The table vibrates easily when working with faster machines.

Giantex Folding Sewing Craft Table

Featuring swivel wheels and a foldable design, this sewing table from is ideal for smaller spaces.

Measuring 23 x 16 x 31 inches when folded, the table fits easily into apartments. When necessary it can be expanded to accommodate larger projects.

With three bins and an adjustable shelf, this table offers plenty of storage space.

Its white color and design are attractive, and its lockable doors offer peace of mind.


  • This table’s small size makes it a great fit for smaller workspaces.
  • Two lockable wheels offer the perfect compromise between portability and stability.
  • Despite its smaller size, the table offers plenty of storage space.


  • The table’s particleboard construction is unsuitable for with heavier machines.
  • Quilters will find this table too small to be of use. 

Sewingrite 101 Sew Station Sewing Craft Table

Featuring 5.5 square feet of surface space and steel legs, this table is good for larger projects.

Its adjustable platform is large enough to accommodate bigger sewing machines, and can support up to 50 pounds.

While the table doesn’t fold, it collapses into a single surface that can be rolled around easily.

With a melanite finish, this table is scratch resistant.


  • Drop-down platform is capable of accommodating machines of any size.
  • Table requires minimal assembly.
  • With its steel legs, this table is sturdy enough to hold most machines.


  • The table does not fold to save space.
  • The table’s adjustable platform uses a ring mechanism that is incapable of bearing the weight of heavy machines without excessive tightening.

Arrow II Mod Squad Modular Sewing Table

With its modular design, the Mod Squad enables users to add up to five additional components to the basic table.

Featuring an airlift mechanism, the table can accommodate sewing machines of various sizes.

Retractable shelves offer flexibility to users, and can be positioned to hold larger items.

The table is solid, and features a built-in tape measure.


  • With its modular components, this table allows you to create your ideal table.
  • Four wheels allow this table to be moved with ease.
  • Adjustable shelf can be fully lowered, allowing you to store your sewing machine out of sight.


  • The modular nature of the Arrow II Modular Table may require you to purchase several elements.
  • On its own, the Arrow II offers limited storage space. 

Southern Enterprises Eaton Rolling Craft Station Sewing Table

With a folding side-mechanism allowing it to expand to over 51 inches in length, the Eaton is suited to larger quilting and sewing projects.

A melamine and fibreboard construction make this table durable and attractive.

The table also features two shelves and a footrest, allowing for maximum comfort and convenience.

Featuring 4 locking wheels, this table is easy to move around, making it ideal for small spaces.


  • This is one of the most stable tables on the market, and it is capable of handling professional speed machines without shaking.
  • When fully expanded, this table is big enough for quilting.
  • At 50 lbs, the table is strong and durable.


  • Although the Eaton offers 3 shelves, they are small, and items fall off of them very easily.
  • The plastic wheels on this table are flimsy, and liable to break if when the table is moved. 

Sauder Miscellaneous Storage Sewing Craft Cart

This Sauder sewing cart is designed to provide maximum storage space in a single attractive unit. With its two storage bins and two adjustable shelves, it can hold all you need for your project.

The table’s engineered wood construction incorporates high-quality trimmings, making it durable and environmentally friendly.

With its elegant design and cherry finish, this sewing table is beautiful

Like all Sauder furniture, this sewing cart is manufactured in the United States.


  • The Sauder table is built to last. It is sturdy enough to last a lifetime, and so beautiful that you will want to keep it around for years.
  • The Sauder table offer more storage than comparable models, a must if you want to keep all of your tools and materials at arm’s length.
  • A five-year limited warranty. 


  • Despite a high build quality, some metal components are easily damaged during assembly.
  • The sewing machine sits on top of the table, which can cause functionality problems.

Reasons to Own a Dedicated Sewing Table

Ergonomics: When sewing for hours at a time, it is important to use well-designed tools. Featuring adjustable platforms and custom heights, dedicated sewing tables offer users a comfortable sewing experience that cannot be matched by ordinary worktables.

Functionality: Sewing machines can weigh up to 55 pounds, and are capable of moving at fast speeds. Hence, they require dedicated tables that can support their weight and motion without wobbling.

Storage: Unlike ordinary tables, dedicated sewing tables often feature large cabinets and shelves to hold all of the tools and materials needed for your project. Such additional storage removes the need to buy additional cabinets later on.

Portability: Unlike ordinary tables, many sewing tables are designed to be wheeled around the room. Others can collapse to a smaller size, making storage a breeze.

What to Consider When Buying a Sewing Table

Compatibility: Sewing machines come in a variety of sizes, and not all tables are compatible with all machines. Thus, you must get accurate measurements for your machine and check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure compatibility.

Size: Sewing tables come in a range of sizes, and are designed with a variety of workspaces in mind. Thus, you need to consider the size of your available workspace before committing to a particular table.

Materials: Sewing tables are constructed from a variety of materials, and these can have an impact on their longevity. Lighter particle-board tables may cost less, but are liable to break and cannot support heavier machines

Storage Space: Sewing requires a number of tools. Thus, many sewing tables feature built-in cabinet and shelf space, enabling them to hold everything you might need for a given project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an airlift mechanism? Many sewing tables include airlift mechanisms that allow the user to adjust platform height. If you want your machine’s foot to be perfectly flush with your table, it is best to invest in an airlift.

Should I get a portable table? Your need for a portable table will depend on how often you will move your table to a different location. Perhaps you like to sit in front of the television or window while sewing, but cannot keep the machine in these places while not in use. If so, a portable table is for you. 

Can I make do with a smaller table? When wondering about table size, it is important to consider storage space. Many smaller tables lack storage space, and will need to be supplemented with addition cabinets. Why not just get the bigger table in the first place?

Wooden or steel legs? It depends. All-wood tables are more attractive, and can look like high-end furniture. But they are less sturdy and prone to breaking. Steel-legged tables are less attractive, but built to last.

How do I keep my table from shaking? Accurate sewing is impossible on a shaky surface, but many tables are prone to movement. To avoid this, make sure that you get a heavier table, and look for models with wide iron legs.

Tips for Assembling Your Sewing Table

Take Inventory: Many sewing tables contain numerous parts, and it is common for products to ship without all of them. Your first step upon opening your box should therefore be to take an inventory of parts.

Read the Complete Instructions: Furniture is more difficult to assemble than it may initially appear, and it is tempting to dive in without reading the instructions in their entirety. Resist this temptation, as an incomplete grasp of what needs to be done leads to costly mistakes.

Watch a Video: Online videos have made do-it-yourself assembly far easier than it once was. If if you are having trouble understanding a key step, YouTube is often your best guide.

Seek Professional Help: When dealing with expensive tables with complex instructions, you may be better off hiring a professional. While the initial expense may sting, you may be saving yourself the cost of buying a new product.


There is no one sewing table that is right for every workspace and project. Instead, different tables are suitable for different machines and applications, and buyers must figure out what they need before committing to a particular model.

It is easy to be confused by the large number of available features, but it is most important to consider size, storage space, and stability when examining different tables. Of course, it is also crucial to find a table compatible with your sewing machine. 

So what are you waiting for? Invest in a sewing table today. Or, if you have bought a sewing table recently, be sure to post any comments or questions in the comments below.

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