Best Sewing Machine For Upholstery

Are you looking for the best sewing machine for upholstery? You may want to take a look at the following guide so you can choose the most suitable sewing machine for you.

A sewing machine for upholstery should be heavy-duty. It should be capable of handling thick fabrics like leather, canvas, linen, heavy cotton, and etc. without breaking the needle and the machine itself.

Sewing Machine For Upholstery Reviews


The Singer 5532 sewing machine practically delivers a reliable and speedy mending of any upholstery works. Its aluminum body keeps it stable while sewing and fabrics can glide smoothly over the stainless steel bedplate. It features 32 built-in stitches.

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TechSew 3650HD

The TechSew 3650HD industrial sewing machine can sew any upholstery up to 1 ½ inch thick. Speed is customizable and its SmartServo motor works forcefully yet steadily. It features a built-in roller edge guide for sewing multi-layered materials.

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Brother SE400

For decorative upholstery projects, the Brother SE400 sewing machince is powerfully sophisticated. It provides 57 built-in stitches, 70 built-in designs and 5 lettering fonts. It’s computer connectivity allows the user to import over a thousand designs from and other sites.

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The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist is popular for its 600 built-in stitches and 12 one-step auto buttonholes. This electronic sewing machine controls speed and provides sewing designs. It comes with an extension table and automatic thread cutter.

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Janome Horizon MC 12000

The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is a premium product by Janome. It features a sophisticated sewing technology, which promotes steady and precision sewing. Creating and editing decorative designs are made easier with the touchscreen.

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Brother 1034D

The 1034D Thread Serger by the Brother is also popular for its dependability and outstanding feat. The 3/4 thread serger provides excellent finishings on every kind of upholstery fabrics. It can design ruffles, decorative edges, join laces and others.

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Consew 206RB-5

The Consew 206RB-5 is a a walking foot heavy-duty sewing machince made powerful with its Servo motor. It features a compound or triple feeding system with adjustable height. It is a dependable machine for upholstery and any canvas work.

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The Singer 14T968DC features thread serging mechanism. It has an overlock with self-adjusting tension control, keeping stitches even and balanced. It can sew faster – around 1,300 stitches per minute.

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Tacsew GC6-6

The Tacsew GC6-6 is a walking foot sewing machine, which delivers precision stitching with its straight lockstitch at 0-8 mm length. It also automatically lubricates itself. It has a reversal capacity and is built with a feed system, thereby preventing slippage between layers.

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Brother Designio Series DZ1500F

The Designio Series DZ1500F by the Brother is capable of swift sewing with straight stitches. You can create professional embellishments with the attached needle felting. It features a fabric separator for smooth stitching.

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Types of Sewing Machine Used for Upholstery

Working with upholstery can be a tiring chore even for sewing professionals. However, note that it can become even more tedious if you use a low quality sewing machine.

Industrial sewing machines are perfect for the job. These heavy-duty machines can handle bigger projects. They are designed for long-lasting durability and dependability.

These highly specialized machines are made for projects that may be too difficult for other machines. Two types of industrial machine best for upholstery are:

Walking Foot Sewing Machine – When working with upholstery, it’s best to choose this. It uses a unique mechanism to move the fabric when sewing effectively.

Free Arm Sewing Machine – It allows the user to manipulate a fabric easier. Just make sure to pick a heavy-duty one when dealing with upholstery.

Also, keep in mind that when choosing a sewing machine for working with materials like upholstery, you need to find one with enough power to sew through the heavy fabrics.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Sewing Machine for Upholstery

Make sewing much easier and get better results with a quality sewing machine. Here’s a couple of things to consider before choosing what to buy:

Speed – Don’t instantly go with fast. Remember that, with the fastest machines, needle force is often sacrificed for motion, so thicker fabrics can pose problems.

Portability – If portability is important, look for machines built from hard plastics or lighter metal. Some machines also feature built-in handles and carry cases.

Motor – Sewing machines for thick materials need a strong engine to drive the needle through the fabric over and over without slowing or wearing down.

Style of Feed – If you are working with thicker fabrics, look for a machine with walking foot feed device. This can help support the feed.

Price – Look for a machine, which fits your budget. Get the best for what you can spend. Invest in good quality devices that are not overpriced.

Advantages of Using Industrial Sewing Machine when Dealing with Upholstery

Although domestic and industrial machines share similar components, the use and method of use are different. Take a closer look on industrial machines’ advantages.

Use – Designed for a more heavy duty workload, industrial machines can run for longer hours and deal with more difficult projects compared to domestic ones.

Safety – It is designed with specific safety features to ensure that users are protected at all times. It’s built to ensure highest quality products in the safest way.

Customization – Most machines offer many varieties of customization options, enabling to create more. This can vary from type of stitches all the way to upholstery.

Durability – It is designed to stand the test of time, with the ability to let the user produce tens, hundreds, if not thousands of products each day.

Maintenance – Most models are maintenance free and come with a built-in oil system. You can store it for years without worrying if it still functions.

Industrial Sewing Machine Maintenance

Industrial machines are made to handle heavy-duty work but this does not mean they’re exempted from failure. Proper maintenance is essential to its performance.

Correct Usage – The most effective way to maintain a machine is by proper usage. By using the device correctly, it’s possible to increase its lifespan.

External Cleaning – Cleaning the outside isn’t just about vanity. Wipe it down every few days. If it will not be used, keep it stored safely.

Internal Cleaning – Large industrial models create lots of lint. You can remove it with a small brush but it isn’t necessary to clean with fluids.

Component Lubrication – Lots of internal areas need lubrication but be careful when oiling a machine. Always check the manual to know which parts require lubrication.

Industrial sewing machines can outlast normal machines but it needs proper care. Establish a routine for the right maintenance to guarantee a smoother sewing experience and quality products.

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